How do you get a loan to study abroad?

Not so long ago, the opportunity to study abroad seemed to us something completely unattainable. This opportunity was only for the few who really stood out with their academic performance and could receive adequate financial support. Today, however, traveling abroad and studying outside our country is not so rare. Open borders have meant that more and more young people are choosing to take on the challenge of living and studying in a foreign country.

Is it worth studying abroad?

Is it worth studying abroad?

It is widely known that the level of the best Polish universities is very high. Is it worth bothering to study abroad? Definitely yes! And there are at least several reasons that confirm the rightness of such a decision. First of all, probably no one needs convincing that life abroad, even for a few years, opens us to new people and a completely different culture. And this experience is able to open our mind in an unusual way and make us develop as individuals, but also as students.

It is also worth remembering that when going to study at prestigious foreign universities, we gain a very big plus in the eyes of our future employers. Studying abroad is still something that impresses and makes our CV seem more attractive. It should also be mentioned that the teaching system in many countries is different from what we know in Poland. Abroad, the focus is often on a practical approach to many issues, thanks to which we acquire not only knowledge but also skills. And these will certainly be very useful in the future in our professional life.

How to finance studies abroad?

How to finance studies abroad?

Unfortunately, money can be quite a big obstacle to achieving our dreams of studying at foreign universities. It should be remembered that the cost of living in major European cities is usually higher than in Poland. Not to mention the fact that, unlike our country, studies in many countries are paid and they are not symbolic amounts. Therefore, even before we start applying for admission to individual universities, it is worth considering whether we can afford such a trip and possibly how we can finance such an undertaking.

Of course, the first thing that can come to our mind is starting work abroad, which we could do after classes at the university. This is of course a very good idea, provided that we are able to fulfill our obligations well, and at the same time we still have time to learn. Some students also count on all types of scholarships, which are paid by universities to the most talented people or those who have a difficult financial situation. However, not everyone can be sure that he will receive such financial support. Student loans, which are granted to young people on preferential terms, are also a frequently chosen solution.

Loan for studies abroad – where to apply?

Loan for studies abroad - where to apply?

Many Polish students are wondering if they can apply for money in the country for the money they need to study and stay abroad. Unfortunately, however, student loans are such a specific type of loan that only people who study in Poland can apply for it. The condition for receiving this type of financing is the presentation in the bank of a document that confirms that the person has the status of a student at a Polish university. Therefore, if we take up education abroad, we cannot apply for a loan at a Poly Bank.

The exception to this rule, however, are people who study at a foreign university under the Erasmus student exchange program. In this case, despite the fact that the applicant applies for a semester or a year outside of Poland, he still has the status of a student at a Polish university. So, without any problems, she can apply for a student loan in our country. In all other situations, we need to apply for a loan to realize our dreams about studying abroad in the country where we study.

Student loan abroad – how to get it?

Student loan abroad - how to get it?

Of course, the procedures associated with obtaining a student loan can be very different, depending on the country in which you decide to study. Therefore, even before we settle down in our new temporary homeland for good, it is worth finding out what documents we need to prepare. In most cases, you will need to complete a detailed student loan application. For example, in England, you can submit it before starting your studies, which guarantees that the tuition will be paid for from the very beginning. 

If the official language is still difficult for us and we are a bit lost in all the formalities that need to be taken care of, you can use the services of specialized companies that help in completing such applications. Of course, most of them do it for a fee, but if you want to be sure that your student loan application will be completed correctly, it’s worth investing in such a service to save yourself nerves. Information on this type of financial support can certainly also be obtained at every university whose students we are to become.