Consumption collapses: the mini loan comes to the rescue.


The calls for discounts and offers well positioned in all the showcases did not make it: even the pre-sales, the last attempt to revive a Christmas season marked by few gifts and low expenses, have failed. In Milan the first data speak of a 15 percent drop in the central Via Montenapoleone; the crisis is felt in all the cities and the only counter-current case was registered in Naples, where long queues were seen in front of the super-luxury boutiques.

The latest expectations are now all aimed at the New Year’s Eve dinner: gastronomy is the last opportunity for merchants and retailers to store these holidays with a less nuanced sign. And to make it easier to spend last year, a new trend is emerging in more and more businesses: the mini loan.

The mini loan works in a very simple way: in different food and wine is given the opportunity to pay the bill for dinner

mini loan,pay bill

In Milan, for example, two very central and well-known “good eating” boutiques didn’t think twice about it: the known customers can pay the expense in three installments. An a la carte loan, outside the traditional circuits.

The mini loan is a new trend that meets the favor of customers


‘Thanks to this type of payment – Anna explained in Milan – I have already bought some things that I should have given up. In the family we do not go badly, but for this year we promised ourselves to be careful about the budget “.” Without a doubt I will face the most light-hearted dinner – Francesca echoes it, always outside one of the “discount boutiques” in the central Milan. These mini Frankie Addams should have thought of them not only for Christmas but for the whole year “.

The good pre-Christmas discounts, those that are taken today but will be used from January 2nd, seem to have failed: they have had no impact on sales because they are seen as yet another smoke in the eye. But the new mini-Frankie Addams have been popular with customers and could be the right tool to increase consumption. Now it remains to be seen if the traders will be able to take on this challenge and if customers will not only be able to look at the price, but also to look for the best Frankie Addams.